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Print specifications for a 3D printer

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)

Minimum Wall Thickness: 1,0 mm
Minimum Detail: 0,4 mm
Accuracy: ± 0,3 mm
Maximum Size: 279(diameter)×638 mm
Beispiel FDM

SLA/STL (Stereo lithography )

Minimum Wall Thickness : 0,8 mm
Minimum Detail: 0,3 mm
Accuracy: ± 0,2%
Maximum Size: 2100×700×800 mm
Beispiel SLA

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)

Minimum Wall Thickness : 1,0 mm
Minimum Detail: 0,1 mm
Accuracy: ± 0,2 mm
Maximum Size: 1100×690×590 mm
Beispiel SLS

DLM Metall (Direct Laser Melting)

Minimum Wall Thikness: 0,5 mm
Minimum Detail: 0,05 mm
Accuracy: ± 0,05 mm
Maximum Size: 250×250×310 mm
Beispiel DLM

PolyJet (Photopolymer Jetting)

Minimum Wall Thickness: 0,8 mm (0,4 mm in special cases)
Minimum Detail: 0,05 mm
Accuracy: ± 0,1 mm
Maximum Size: 302×280×150 mm
Beispiel PolyJet

FullColor (Zprint)

Minimum Wall Thickness: 1,5 - 2,0 mm
Minimum Detail: 0,8 mm
Accuracy: ---
Maximum Size: 254×381×204 mm
Beispiel FullColor

Ceramic (does not apply to industrial ceramics)

Minimum Wall Thickness: 3-6 mm
Minimum Detail: 2 mm
Accuracy: ± 3% (zzgl. 1mm Glasur)
Maximum Size: 340 x 240 x 200 mm
Beispiel ceramic

Greenstate Metal (Greenstate)

Minimum Wall Thickness: 1-3 mm
Minimum Detail: 0,8-1 mm
Accuracy: ± 3-4 %
Maximum Size: 762 x 393 x 393 mm
Beispiel Greenstate Metall

Precious Metals (Lost Wax)

Minimum Wall Thickness: 0,5 mm
Minimum Detail: 0,3 mm
Accuracy: ± 0,1
Maximuum Size: 88 x 63 x 125 mm
Beispiel Greenstate Metall