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Construction service

Our design service designs your parts according to your wishes. While we adhere to all applicable standards and simultaneously optimize your part for the printing process. By design engineers in the house and the collaboration with design offices and diploma engineers, we can customize projects of any complexity for you. Even complicated free-form shapes can be modeled by our network of 3D Artist. Thus, we are not bound to classic and technical constructions, but we can also provide you organic structures for an affordable price.

Scanning Service

With the 3D Scan technology, we can digitize you existing components easily. Also broken parts can be scanned and computer-assisted "repaired". The in-house scanner offers resolutions of 0.5 mm, for a dimensionally stable scan, in the range of 0.01 mm, we use one of our Partner services. You can still order easily through us. We take care of the Rest for you.

With our mobile Scanner, we are able to map structures up to 3 x 3 x 3 meters.

Repair and Verification of files

We check your submitted files always on printability in the desired Material. In addition,in our tests even constructive defects and structural damage to the file are discovered and fixed by us, immediately if possible. Constructive things will be communicated to you immediately. We are happy to support you already during the creation of the models for a printable implementation.

Your data will always be treated by us with absolute discretion and protected with the latest available techniques against external access. The data transfer via email and through our website is SSL encrypted and your data is stored on a hardware firewall protected servers. Your data will only be given to third parties further if necessary to fulfill the order.

Technology and material consulting

We advise you on the selection of the right technology and material that fits exactly to your requirements. Whether by phone, email or in person, we are there for you. The allocation of a contact person ensures that we are always on the current state of affairs and not waste your precious time with explanations.

We provide you with the latest data sheets and design guidelines. On request, we can send it to you within a few hours. You will receive a number under which we stand ready for you by your advisor.

Rapid Prototyping

With our Rapid Prototyping in the 9 technologies, and 37 materials, we will always find the right solution for you. Functional prototypes, components for the duration of the use or illustrative models. For each application there is the right Material. With the latest technologies, machines and the 3D printing process, we can guarantee high quality and low delivery times.

Rapid Manufacturing

3D printing is not only suitable as a technology for single pieces and prototypes. Even small series production supplements and even large series can be produced economically and efficiently. We like to produce your series parts.This Division also includes rapid tooling procedures. Complement your tools to 3D printed parts and thus increase the efficiency and lifetime. Molding form an example here with close contour cooling. It is possible to "be printed" in existing tool holders so that you can customize in the conventional methods and supplement with 3D printing.It is possible to "be printed" in existing tool holders so that you can customize in the conventional methods and supplement with 3D printing.

Coating of 3D prints

We can metallize virtually all materials in the wet-chemical process.Whether plastics, composite materials, high-performance plastics, special materials, ceramics, metals or other materials, with the wide range of coatings such as chrome plating, gold, silver, copper, chemical-nickel, nickel glossy-, matt - nickel, black-chrome plating, etc. By metallization, the properties of the material and the metal and its common advantages are used.

We coat also components for you which were not manufactured by us. For coatings, you will receive a quote within 24 hours.

Copper plating 99,99% Cu IMDS Nr. 736943
Nickel plating from sulfamate electrolyte 99,95% Ni IMDS Nr. 748706
Glossy nickel >99.50% Ni IMDS Nr. 749088
Gold plating 24 Karrat Au IMDS Nr. 756617
Silver 99,99% Ag IMDS Nr. 757803
Chrome plating from trivalent electrolyte , RoHSKonform IMDS Nr. 756617
Black chrome plating electrically conductive, Black Chrome coating IMDS Nr. 10629626/1
Chemical nickel-plating high phosphorous, 13% phosphorus as the NiP IMDS Nr. 326271538
Anodizing of aluminium and titanium in different colors

Other coatings on request.

We can muster all galvanic coatings listed in the list on almost any material as the final layer, there are also layer combinations possible in any desired thickness. Even partial coating on parts is possible.

Maximum size of the parts:

  • Plastic: 60cm
  • Metal: 100cm

Priority Service

If it has to go quickly:

With our Priority Service, you can reduce your delivery times. Depending on the technology and components, you can receive your part within the same day.

The Priority Service is available for the following technologies:

  • Polyjet: within 24 hours (except for Tango)
  • FDM: within 48 hours
  • SLA: within 48 hours
  • SLS Parts up to a size of 200×100×100mm: in 72 Stunden
  • SLS parts from 200×100×100mm and a price of more than 180€: within 5 Working days

Painting service

Even after printing, we can offer you other services. With our painting service, you have the option to have your parts professionally painted.

We offer the full width of the RAL colour spectrum. Painting not only visually enhances your part but increases the resistance against external influences. Your parts are smoothed with filler and painted by us.

Polishing service

The surfaces for 3D printing parts will vary depending on the used technology. We offer to polish these parts for you. Either this is done manually or chemically. You can choose from different surface qualities. In chemical process (for ABS), we reach reflective surfaces.

Mechanical Post-Processing

On request, we can edit your part even after printing. We cut the thread and rub fits for you to measure. Grinding, milling and adding your parts is what we realize for our partners.

Delivery times

Our standard delivery times are approximately 5 working days. This is however strongly depending on material and technology. Following a request, you will always receive the current delivery time in the offer.
As a commercial or industrial customer, you always benefit from shorter delivery times than others on our website.

Technologies and Materials

Through steady Expansion of our technologies and materials, we are able to develop Europe's most comprehensive offering of materials.
Through this diversity we can recommend the procedures and material that fits your needs and not the one that we have in the program.
Our goal is to provide you an offer "everything under one roof" service, without compromising on quality or delivery times.
Currently we offer the following technologies and materials:

FDM Fused Depsition Modeling ABS; PLA; Nylon; HIPS; Wood; Samdtone
ZPrint Full color 3D Print Full Color; Komposit
SLA Stereo Lithography Resin; Poly1500; TuskXC2700; Crystal Clear; Rusty Resin
SLS Selective Laser Sintering PA12; Alumide; PA12-GF; PA12-CS; TPU-92A
Polyjet Photo Polymer Jetting Vero-Familie; Tango-Family; DurusWhite
FCP Fast Ceramic Print Food Ceramic; Aluminiumoxyd; Zirkoniumoxyd; Hydroxyapatit; Mullit; Cordierit
Lost wax Print Lost Wax 3D Print Gold; Silver; Platin; Bronze; Brass; Copper
Greenstate Greenstate metal
DLM Direct Laser Melting (DMLS Direct Metal Laser Sintering) Tool steel; Stainless steel; Aluminium; Titanium

You will find a list and detailed description of our materials, in our Portfolio of materials or on our website.

Our service promises to you

Short delivery times and high quality are always at the heart of our commercial and industrial customers.

Delivery times

In order to satisfy your desire for quick delivery times, a special weighting are added to your orders. This means that your component is treated with preference before consumers and other loads. We manufacture your part thus directly in the next available machine cycle.


Before printing you will be informed of the possible dimensional deviations. We will Check your parts after printing according to your specifications.

Material Advice

We advise you any time about the best material for your application. If none of our standard materials meet your requirements, we switch to suppliers to provide you with the appropriate material.

Post processing service

Missing threads or fits are made by us for you (if possible) without promt or additional costs. Unfortunately we can offer metric standard threads and H7 passage fits only.

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