Current delivery times

Our delivery times depend on the chosen procedure, Material and post-processing.
The list below should give you a short overview of the delivery times.
The fastest Material is always indicated. You can find the exact delivery time for each material in the respective material details.
Corporate customers benefit from shorter delivery times. B2B-page >>

For a particularly fast processing of your order, we have set up a Priority Service.Priority-Service set up.

Shipping and delivery times

Priority from 24 hours

Printing, finishing and shipping (at the time of Delivery to the Post office) within 24 hours. (For example. Polyjet)

3D printingfrom 8 days

The shipping or the delevery of the finished product to the German Post is usually within 8 working days.

Shop 24 hours

All Were from ours Online-Shop we ship within 24 hours after receipt of order.

Shipping costs

Shipping method Germany Switzerland EU Europe(non-EU)
Standard 08,00 Euro 35,00 Euro 16,00 Euro 18,25 Euro
Express 24,00 Euro 72,00 Euro 60,00 Euro 72,00 Euro

Factors for delays in delivery time

  • Material in the warehouse
  • queue
  • Size of the models
  • Any repairs to the file
  • post processing

Normally, we ship within 8 working days. In the case of use of additional Services, the shipping time is extended according to the specified duration. The shipping is via German Post.
Some materials have longer delivery times due to their complex manufacturing. Accurate delivery times you'll find in the material details.