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Fabb-It, 3D printing introduces 24 new materials.
Europe's largest online material offer in the 3D printing

30.November 2015
Various parts in 3D printing


The 3D printing Start-Up Fabb-it, based in Lörrach, today announced 24 new materials in his Online offering. So you want all possibilities of 3D printing from a single customer open up.
The area of the industrial use of 3D printing and additive manufacturing should be addressed more.
"Through the introduction of industrial ceramics and metal printing we want to give the industrial users new possibilities for development and design" says Andreas Roser, managing Director and founder of

The expansion of the material options will launch in December as an advent calendar.
So, a new material will be presented each day. The customer will have, from the 24.12.2015, the selection of 38 materials. High-performance materials such as industrial ceramics included.
For the first time also its own, exclusive material named „Rusty Resin “is introduced. This is primarily aimed at designers and private users.

One does not only insist on it new technologies to introduce. Also very popular technologies such as, for example, the selective laser sintering can be extended with new materials.
The PA12-CS material will be presented with successful tests and first users in the industry.
A ceramic-reinforced polyamide which is superior to that recent laser sintering parts in strength and appearance.
Through an online-based calculation tool and transparent pricing system, each customer can get his price without waiting and instruct productions.
It does not matter whether you are home or industrial users.

"Our goal is to offer all users the right solution for your Problem";
said Danny, Zech, account Manager and co-founder of Fabb-It.
People want this not only through a wide range of material, but also through services such as design, development, refinement and
personal consultation continue to reach, says Mr Zech weiter.

On the newly designed website, anyone can get an Overview of materials and Services, and find detailed information and
Data sheets over procedures and materials.

Information about the company:
Fabb-It UG (limited to liability) is a company in the field of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for private, commercial and industrial users.
Founded on the 01.01.2014 in Lörrach, Fabb-it deals with the production and the service around the 3D printing. self-developed FDM
Plants in addition, but also the most common machine technologies in Laser sintering, Polyjet, and SLA 3D printing, together with an extensive
network of partners, a complete Portfolio.
Thus Fabb-it allowed customers such as continental, BBraun medical, a wide range of Fraunhofer institutes or the window manufacturer Weru to its
Already today, series parts for automotive and industry are manufactured at Fabb-It.


This is Fabb-It Team
From left to right: Simone Hugenschidt, Franziska Roser (PR and Marketing), Danny Zech (Customer support), Andreas Roser (Managing Director ), Wolfgang Theiss (Project Manager), Jessika Krauth

FDM printing macro recording during the pressure
FDM pressure from the proximity during printing

Layer structure of a 3D printing

Typical step patterns in 3D Printing

Turbine model from the 3D printer
printed turbine model from 8 different materials
Component from 3D printed tool steel
Component of tool steel in DLM (Direct Laser Melting) process printed.

More pictures and info on request.

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