Priority Printing

With our priority service you will receive your 3D printing faster.

Most of the orders at Fabb-It will be delivered within 8 working days. However, increasinggly our customers want to get their 3D printing faster delivered, especially if they have to fight deadlines.

24 Hour Delivery

With our priority service, we offer you the solution

If you want to use our priority service, you need to note the following:

  • Cost: Charge 30% on your order
  • Can not be combined with finishing
  • Weekends and public holidays (Germany) are not include in the delivery time
  • Order must be received by us before 12am.
  • Delivery time is strongly dependent on the numer of priority ordes we have.
  • Delivery time up to the time of shipping:
    • Polyjet: in 24 hours (except for Tango)
    • FDM: in 48 hours
    • SLA: in 48 hours
    • SLS Parts up to a size of 200×100×100mm: in 72 hours
    • SLS Parts from 200×100×100mm and a price of more than 180 €: in 5 working days


The delevery time depends on your place of residence. Express shipments sent within Germany will be delivered within 24 hours.
Through our border close to the Switzerland, we can offer you here, an Express domestic shipping in the Switzerland. Also please note, that your shipping time also depends on the number of priority orders we have at the moment.


IF you order your part on a Monday morning at 11:00, Your part will be manufactured and shipped on Wednesday.
If you live in Germany or Switzerland, you will receive your package on Thursday before 12:00.
You order after 12:00, the delivery time will be postponed by a day. Weekends and holidays are not included in the delivery time.