Welcome to our page specifically for our business customers for prototypes and series production

Learn what we can offer you that is available only for business customers.

Did you know? More than 85% of our customers are business customers from various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, medical and industrial.

In 80% of cases, prototypes are made, but up to 1000 pieces, we also realize cheaper series as conventional products such as milling or moulding

Our B2B Service in Detail

As a full service provider, we want to help you not just with prototypes. We want to offer you everything from a single source if possible.

We call this our "Concierge Service". Because that's exactly what it is! You are a customer, you can schedule us on everything that has to be done with your project. Even if this is not one of our core businesses.

Of course, we don't want to be center of all solutions as they colloquially say. We focus on our core business. c

And if you still wish this, this can be obtained conveniently and calculated over us. Therefore, you only have one partner and we coordinate everything for you.

More advantages as a business customer of Fabb-it:

  • Repair of your data via the automatic repair
  • Checking your data for Printing and First-Level Support in the selection of your material
    We will check your data and recommend the best material. You do not need to read through descriptions and datasheets. We recommend you a fitting material to your specifications for the part if you tell us the purpose of use.
  • Pay on account
    As a business customer you have the option to pay from the second order by invoice.
  • Free "pressure fit" to make support to your prototypes or series parts
    We advise you actively and in great detail what needs to be changed to your data in order to get this printable. However most of the time we can start printing immediately.
  • Direct Contact
    You will receive a direct contact persom from us. Thus, we can ensure that the contact is always up to date and save the hassle of forwarding you.
  • Special Prices
    As a business customer your rates are calculated differently. If, for example, the number of products increases the production cost decreases more than if you order through our plugin.
  • Free courses for your employees
    We provide a free introductory course for 3D printing. To teach you or your employees in a 3-4 hour, personalized course what while developing 3D-print prototypes must be considered based on your own parts and what opportunities open up. Here you must pay only the cost of travel.

You have a concern or further questions? Or you may already have a project in the Pipeline?
Then contact me like directly or use our contact form.

E-Mail: info@Fabb-it.com
Phone direct: +49 5771 807770

With best regards!

Monika Ruhkopf
Accountmanager and Support