With our 3D artists, we are able to implement things, which can no longer provide a construction or Engineering Office.

Our sculpting service

Sculpting is probably the king class of the 3D-model designs. Because nothing is more difficult than to model something realistic, each of which has a accurate idea of how it should look.

But also abstract things such as design objects (e.g., lamps) need a very good understanding of organic beauty, and the rules according to which our brain perceives something as appealing.

Therefore, Fabb-It works together with experienced 3D-artists. We select the right 3D Artist with the right specialization for you.

We are happy to create you a non-binding offer according to your drawings or after a personal phone call. Please use our contact form, if you want send us a request.

Figur Lamp

Our references

Unfortunately, we are not allowed at this point, the mentioning of references.