Product development

With our product development service you will receive all services from a single source - we're with you on the way from the idea to the finished product.

We discuss your project in detail in person or by phone and develop the product according to your point of view.

Our product development service

Whether advertising products, technical applications, production parts or gadgets: Our experience ranges from footwear and exhibits to automotive standart parts for use in the vehicle.

It doesn't even have a finished concept. We like to create a concept on the basis of a description of the problem or an application example and work out of the idea to the marketable product independently about. This, we always consider all criteria such as cost, required manufacturing processes, target price or intended use.

We are in constant contact with you and keep you up to date. Through 3D visualization and Haptic models , you can already at an early stage evaluate your product and changed if required. This saves costs, reduces development time and avoids lengthy correction loops and tool changes at the end of the project.

Our product designers have also extensive experience in marketing and sales. Thus, you can optimize the design and the applicability of your products on a sale and your target audience already during development.

Also, we worry not only about the creation of 3D data. Through our extensive partnership network, we can arrange with the later production. So you get everything from a single source: from the development of the prototypes to series production.

We like to create a a no-obligation quote for your project. It is of course also possible, in our service chain and walking out, where it is necessary (if you have a concept, for example, or already know who will later produce your parts

This service can be used of course, like all our construction services, also to entrust us with a 3D printing.

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An excerpt from our projects

Tablet Holder Product Development Tablet Holder Clamp On Product Development

Car Tablet Holder

This tablet holder has been designed specifically for the customer. Position and shapes of the Tablets that are inspired by the interior design of the car.

Design specifications:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly without damaging the interior
  • Design adaptation to the perception of the space
  • Shake and Shock during the driving
  • Operable in the installed condition
  • Clearances for connections and camera
  • loadable on time
  • Resistant against contamination
  • Visually appealing

A clamp at the back ensures an installation on the grille of the air conditioner. As a result, no brackets must be attached or similar.



Finished product for Gameforge. Benefits of Fabb-It:

  • Gesamtdesign des Awards in Absprache mit Kunden.
  • Technical solution: possibility of installation, materials, application, claim, etc.
  • Create the required 3D models, and technical drawings.
  • Manufacturing of all parts: SLS 3D printing, brushed stainless steel base with thread, laser marking with changing names, Rod Silver steel, chrome plating of the rod.
  • Assembly of the parts.
Minimal wallet from Alumide SLS 3D printing Minimal wallet from Alumide SLS 3D printing Minimal wallet from Alumide SLS 3D printing

Minimal Wallet Available in our online shop

The Minimal Wallet is a development from our series, “LSD“ (live style Design).
LSD has to create things according to the requirements of everyday life. This can be achieved through 3D printing wonderful, as it is no longer bound to the easy to produce basic shapes of the conventional production.
The LSD was Minimal Wallet The LSD was Minimal Wallet to replace wear many of us in everyday life with developed to the very big, leather purse.
Look at the product description in our Shop.

Services by Fabb-It: development of the design concept in 10 different variants, the choice of material (Alumide for shielding), and creating the 3D models, serial production through 3D-printing, final Assembly and distribution.


  • Small
  • Handy
  • Space for cards and money
  • As a minimalist
  • Ease of use
  • Permanently resilient (fall, sit, throw, etc.)
  • Resistant against contamination
  • Preventing data theft through Wireless-card reader
  • Visually appealing

Logo as a design element, and “operation assistance“. Easy to the lowest and best shielded card.

Minimal Wallet made from Alumide SLS 3D printing

Swiss Key Knife Available in our Online-Shop

Another product from our "LSD" series.
The Swiss key knife was designed to replace the loose Keychain in all our pockets.
No annoying pinging the key in the hand pockets, no key that is transverse place and insert one in the leg.
The Design was created to have all of the keys easily accessible without removing Charge

Design specifications:

  • Stable on duration
  • Handy
  • Suitable for all key figures
  • As a minimalist
  • Ease of use
  • Resistant against contamination
  • Visually appealing

Preparation of the technical solution with the shape of a Swiss Army knife. Logo as a design element but also as a "guide" in the dark. We know, by feel of the logo, where the home key is.

Creaton of all 3D data, series production using 3D printing. Final assembly and sales.