Material-Details: Bronze Datasheet


Bronze is a Material that is known to us all. Even if it is common for the third place, it does not diminish his qualities.

Advantages & disadvantages

  • Noble
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Detailed and extremely clean in the printing
  • Very good permanent availability
  • High stability
  • skin-friendly
  • Not all possible shapes

Material examples

3D printing gold plated pendant bronze
3D printing gold plated pendant bronze

Price calculation

Brass is calculated in cm. Bronze is always delivered polished.
An additional handling fee per model is necessary because a lot of manual work is involved in the production.

  • 30 € / cm³

Typical usage

Bronze is used for jewelry such as belt buckles or similar.
Also highly detailed miniature models are possible.


Bronze is produced in so-called "lost wax" method.
While your component is printed by SLA in a special Castingwax and then classic cast.

The procedure:

Your model of a program is broken down into individual layers of 0.05 mm.
Now a plate lowered into a bath of wax casting.
On this record, a UV laser now starts to "draw the contours and shapes of the parts". In all places where the laser has illuminated the Resinbad, the material hardens.
Now the build platform to a Layerstrke settles down and a slide allows for new material on its surface.
This process is repeated layer by layer until your part is finished.
resting During the Construction process and your part on the Insulators.
This will be removed after the printing operation manuel and sanded.
Your part is now placed in a mold and a casting Material is filled using. After the mass is cured the Printed part is rendered (hence the term Lost Wax).
the resulting hollow space is poured with molten Bronze. Your part is broken after curing from the mold and the sprue is removed. Thereafter, the further processing steps are performed, such as polishing and grinding.

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Additional information

  • the forms, such as ball in ball is not produced.
  • All forms of "floating" are not feasible (for example, the links of a chain)
  • Brass oxidized or is dull if it is not coated or sealed.

Shipping within
17 Working days

Design specifications:

± 0,1 mm

Minimum wall thickness
0,5 mm

Smallest detail
0,3 mm

Maximum dimension
88 x 63 x 125 mm

Priority service

There is no Priority service for bronze.



Bronze can be reworked only on a few species. Our standard bronze comes with a surface seal of polyurethane to protect it against the oxidation.

Available colors:






Coating of 3D printing


We can coat the brass parts of course, on request, specially. This is however, unfortunately, only a manual request.

  • We can only coat the parts of 10 x 10 x 10 mm up to 600 x 600 x 600 mm. Larger parts on request.
  • Handling flat rate 12 / order
  • Hand galvanizing
  • Order thickness from 1 m
  • Possible coatings:
  • Copper 99,99% Cu IMDS Nr.  736943
    Matt nickel, from Sulfamatelektrolyt 99,95% Ni IMDS Nr.  748706
    High-gloss nickel >99,50% Ni IMDS Nr.  749088
    Gold plating 24ct. 24 Karrat Au IMDS Nr.  756617
    Silver plating 99,99% Ag IMDS Nr.  757803
    Chrome plating from the trivalent electrolyte, RoHS Compliant IMDS Nr.  756617
    Black chrome plating electrically conductive, Black Chrome coating IMDS Nr.  10629626/1
    Electroless Nickel Plating hochphosphorig, 13% Phosphor as NiP IMDS Nr.  326271538
    Tin plating 99.98% Sn, RoHS-Konform
    Bismut our Bismudan electrolyte, 99,95% Bi


Unit Value
Tolerance 0,1
Bronze Cu 90% Sn 10%