Material-Details: Crystal Clear Datasheet

Crystal Clear is a highly transparent material which is made with SLA procedure.
Various explanations can be produce.
The material has properties similar to ABS.
Crystal Clear is the transparent Version of TuskXC2700 and is also called TuskXC2700T.

Advantages & disadvantages


  • Extreme high definition
  • Very smooth surface
  • High dimensional stability
  • high transparent
  • Up to 2 meters at a time
  • free Distortion

  • Insulators made of same material (visible traces on the part)
  • Large components can not be printed
  • Ages when fast UV irradiation

Material Example

Heart model from Crystal clear SLA 3D printing
Heart model from Crystal clear SLA 3D printing
Heart model from Crystal clear SLA 3D printing

Price calculation

Crystal Clear can unfortunately not be calculated automatically, since the transparent Finish of manual work is needed.
On a manual request, we will respond within 24 hours.
We are currently working on an automated solution.

Typical usage

Crystal Clear is always used when the component is to be transparent.
to test from it models printed by hearts around endoscopes or presentation models with transparent housings.


Crystal Clear-parts are manufactured in the SLA process.
SLA means Steriolithographie and is the oldest and most sophisticated 3D printing process.
Since working here with UV sensitive liquid plastics and no thermals is used to SLA parts can not be forgiven.

The procedure:

Your model of a program is broken down into individual layers of 0.05 mm.
Now lowers a plate in a bath of resin.
On this record, a UV laser now starts to "draw the contours and shapes of the parts". In all places where the laser exposed the Resinbad, the material hardens.
Now the build platform to a Layer thickness settles down and a slide allows for new material on its surface.
This process is repeated up layer by layer until your component is finished
Your part on the insulators rests during the construction process.
These are removed after the manuel merge operation and sanded.

SLA 3D printing from close, technology clarification procedure

Additional informations

Shipping within
8 Working day

Design specifications:

Minimum wall thickness
0,8 mm

smallest Detail
0.05 mm

Maximum dimensions
2100 x 700 x 800 mm

Priority service

When ordering before 12 am We will ship within 3 Working days. (Depending on part size)

30 % extra charge

maximum size
625 x 425 x 425 mm


The surface of your model is determined by the technology and the chosen material.Therefore, we offer several post-processing steps. This affects the cost but also the quality of your model.


Available colors:



Polishing (technical and optical finish)

Highly transparent 3D print SLA

Crystal Clear is inherently transparent. To increase this transparency, we can Polish the parts.
Here, the surface by hand on high gloss is polished and then covered with a clear coat. This ensures the transparency.
The Polish cause 2 different finishes:

The technical finish has still slightly visible lines in the Interior. Technical finish is always possible, even in places that you not approach comes by hand.
The optical finish brings your high gloss surface and makes the device almost completely transparent. This can go up to optical quality (on request).

  • Models can be polished until a size of at least 10 x 10 x 10 mm.
  • Traces of insulators disappear here.
  • Post processing will take 0.05 mm material to all surfaces around. Plan something extra wall strength.
  • Small details can disappear during this process.
  • The polishing service requires 2 extra days to the indicated delivery time.
  • Optical finish is only possible on surfaces which are accessible by hand.




Unit Value
Tensile strength MPa 47,1-53,6
Elongation at break % 11-20
Hardness Shore D 81
Thermal resistance C 49
Impact resistance J/m 20-30 (notched)
Density g/cm 1,2
Water absorption % 0
Chemical resistance n/a
Weather not resistant