Material-Details: Tango Datasheet


Tango materials are available in Black and in White.
This material has rubber-like properties and can be set in the Shore hardness.
Also, this parts such as rubber linings and seals can now be produced by 3D printing .
Especially the high elongation is at break of the material and the rubbery feel

Advantages & disadvantages

  • Very detailed
  • Extrem flexibel
  • Extremely flexible
  • Complex geometries possible with soluble supports
  • Construction stages almost no longer visible
  • Not permanently usable (ages faster)
  • Susceptible to UV

Material examples

Figure from VeroWhitePlus 3D printing glossy
VeroWhitePlus 3D printing glossy molded part
Sample part of VeroWhitePlus 3D printing glossy

Cover VeroBlackPlus 3D printing glossy

Price calculation

For Tango, we're unable to provide a fixed price or formula. Tango parts are calculated only on manual request

Typical usage

Tango parts are used to simulate gums or rubber parts.


Tango is made in the Polyjet process.
PolyJet means long photopolymer jetting and describes the layers applying UV hardening material by means of nozzles.

The procedure:

Your model on the computer is broken down into layers of 0.035 mm.
They are sent to the printer. A print head with several hundred nozzles side by side only moves in a straight motion over the printing bed. In the places where your part is to be created, activate the corresponding nozzles and spray material onto the printing bed. This hardened immediately by a very strong UV light source. When on the point at which the printer is a overhang, including support material is sprayed.
This process is repeated layer to layer until your part completely is printed.
After printing, the component is placed in a blast cabinet and freed with a 120 bar water jet of support.
Because the material is water soluble, so parts can be extract also "inside" supports. Nevertheless, the cleaning of the parts is a strain on the material, which is why we require a minimum wall thickness of 0.8 mm.

Polyjet 3D printing, technology  clarification procedure Polyjet 3D printing from close, technology  clarification procedure

Additionnal information

  • Poly Jet parts are not waterproof
  • Poly Jet parts are always rough on the support page

Shipping within
8 Working days

Design specifications:

Better than ± 0,15 mm

Minimum wall thickness
0,8 mm

Smallest Detail
0,032 mm

Maximum dimension
300 x 280 x 150 mm

Priority service

No priority service is available for Tango parts



Parts of tango can not be treated.


Available colors:

White;, Black

Unit Value
Tolerance 0,15
Tensile strength MPa n/a
Elongation at break % 220
Hardness Shore adjustable
Thermal resistance C 54
Impact resistance J/m n/a
Density g/cm 1,13
Water absorption % 0
Chemical resistance n/a
Weather not Resistant