Material-Details: Greenstate Metal Datesheet


Greenstate Metal is a mixture of stainless steel and brass.
One knows this material from the jewelry industry.
Greenstate Metal is very easy to process mechanically. Greenstate Metall is the best material from the metal materials and very stable. It is suitable for the production of very large parts.
It is printed from stainless steel powder that is infiltrating in a follow-up with brass.

Advantages & disadvantages

  • Extremely dimensionally stable
  • Extremely abrasion resistant
  • Detailed and extremely clean in pressure
  • Very good time availability
  • High stability
  • Stiff but not brittle
  • Air and water pressure sealing
  • Temperature resistant
  • Cheap
  • Design freedom by supporters of free printing
  • Not flexible
  • Little data available

Material examples

Component in metal 3D printing
Component in metal 3D printing
Component in metal 3D printing

Buckle metal 3D printing
Detail in Metall 3D printing

Price Calculation

Greenstate Metal is calculated in cm³, supplies are low. A handling fee is necessary due to the manual work.

  • 7,50 € / cm³
  • 7 € Handling per part

Typicale usage

Greenstate Metal is mostly used to make cheap jewelry or when a large component of steel is needed that does not have to be pure.
Greenstate Metal is the cheap replacement for the DLM (Direct Laser Melting) manufactured parts.
The Material is very good for polishing and coating. however, the basic material may, seem golden sometimes, or silver, depending on how the Material is distributed.


Green State metal is produced in Greenstate procedures. This method is used for this material only.
Process related to your parts vary in color from one another.

The method:

Your model is disassembled at the computer in layers and sent to the machine.
Now, a printing bed with exactly this thickness is filled with metal powder. print head now glued the places where your part is to be created with a binder.
After the printing process, your part is located in the so-called Greenstate. This means it is relatively fragile.
Now your part is to be placed in the form of sand, and a brass block is given. The shape is pushed into a furnace and heated to melt the brass.
The component now absorbs the brass in itself by its porosity. After the brass is cooled, it has the adhesive completely replaced in part.

Additionnal informations

  • Color of the raw product may vary.
  • Material composition may vary.
  • Moving parts such as 2 associated rings do not limit.

Shipping within
18 working days

Design specifications:

3-4 %

Minimum wall thickness
1 - 3 mm

Smallest Detail
0,8 - 1 mm

Maximum dimension
762 x 393 x 393

Priority service

No priority service is available for Greenstate Metal.



The surface of your model is determined by the technology and the material chosen. Therefore we offer some post-processing steps. This affects the cost but also the quality of your model.

The natural surface of Green State Metal is perfect if you want your model just as functional or illustrative prototype. So you'll be able to see the material and method using the surface as we do nothing more than to print your portion, rays and ship it to you.


Available colors:





polished metal part 3D printing

Greenstate Metal is polished by hand. Thus only model parts can be able to be polished by hand,and to be cut.

  • Models can only be polished until a minimum size of 9 x 9 x 9 mm.
  • We can only Polish the outside of your model.
  • Polishing will wear off 0.1 mm material from your part. Plan something extra wall thickness.
  • Edges slightly rounded off by this Polish.
  • Small details can disappear when Polishing
  • The polishing service requires 2 extra days to the indicated delivery time.
  • Price: 3 € (Handling), 3 € / cm³
  • After polishing the white of the parts is slightly darker. But they are no longer susceptible to pollution

Painted models

Painted 3D printing


3D models from Greenstate Metal can naturaly also be painted.
Here, the quality and RAL color can be selected. The basic version of the painting is a simple "spray paint".
This means that your part is lightly sanded and then painted. Construction stages and the similar are still easily recognizable.
The highest quality is the quality in premium (enamel). This "polishing" must be booked with.
Your part is sanded, polishe, filled, wet sanded and painted.

  • Need a minimum dimension of 10 x 10 x 10 mm
  • Price: 30% of the part price for base coating. Polishing service additional for premium book.
  • On Painting 2 Design specifications must be set extra.





Coating of 3D printing


Greenstate Metal parts can also make a wonderful coating.
To do this, your model is ground and then coated with your desired equipment. Here, also, a coat with gold or silver is possible.

  • We can coat only parts of 10 x 10 x 10 mm to 600 x 600 x 600 mm. Larger parts on demand.
  • Handling fee 12 € / Order
  • Hand galvanizing.
  • Order thickness from 1 µm
  • Possible coatings:

  • Copper 99,99% Cu IMDS Nr.  736943
    Matt nickel, from Sulfamatelektrolyt 99,95% Ni IMDS Nr.  748706
    High-gloss nickel >99,50% Ni IMDS Nr.  749088
    Gold plating 24ct. 24 Karrat Au IMDS Nr.  756617
    Silver plating 99,99% Ag IMDS Nr.  757803
    Chrome plating from the trivalent electrolyte, RoHS Compliant IMDS Nr.  756617
    Black chrome plating electrically conductive, Black Chrome coating IMDS Nr.  10629626/1
    Electroless Nickel Plating hochphosphorig, 13% Phosphor as NiP IMDS Nr.  326271538
    Tin plating 99.98% Sn, RoHS-Konform
    Bismut our Bismudan electrolyte, 99,95% Bi
Unit Value
Tolerance 3-4%
Alloy   420 SS+Bronze
Elongation % 2,3
Hardness HRc 20-25
Modulus GPa 147
Yield MPa 455
UTS MPa 682
Water absorption % 0
Chemical resistance Very resistant
Weather Resistant