Material-Details: PA12 Datasheet


PA12 is a white plastic, which we made from a powder.
PA 12 parts are very robust, permanently usable and Usable for many applications.
PA12 has, for example, authorisations for the automotive and aviation industry.
The surface has a sandy finish. Made of PA12 parts can be manufactured and also need to keep the duration of loads.
The support of free printing, result in a complete design freedom. Thus, a ball in a ball, for example, is possible.
PA12 is one of our most durable materials and has also a good flexibility properties.

PA12 prints extremely detailed (better than FDM, not such as SLA and Polyjet) and clean and is recommended for most applications.
For PA12 series parts can also be very well manufactured at reasonable prices. PA12 is our most-used material.

Advantages & disadvantages

  • Stable and yet flexible (Usable for clamps or similar)
  • Abrasion
  • Detailed and extremely clean in printing
  • Very good permanent availability
  • High stability
  • Slightly rough surface (still pleasant to touch)
  • Not waterproof (1,92 % Water absorption)
  • Susceptible to pollution without treatment

Material examples

Skull PA12 SLS 3D printing
Skull PA12 SLS 3D printing
Holy figure PA12 SLS 3D printing
Bicycle saddle PA12 SLS 3D printing
Gears PA12 SLS 3D printing
Macro shot PA12 SLS 3D printing
Motor part PA12 SLS 3D printing

Price calculation

PA12 components are not calculated in cm³. This would be not fair to this material.
Instead a mixed calculation of the basic dimensions (length, width, height), the required orientation, capacity (cm) of construction, etc. are calculated.
The formula for this is beyond the scope here. Fortunately there is our online price tool. This does the work for you.

  • only automatic price calculation via our online tool.
  • a good reference value (average) is ca 1,00 € / cm³
  • but there have also been large components for under 0,30 € / cm³ and small for about 3 €/cm³ manufactured.

Typical usage

PA12 is used if the components are supposed to be particularly resistant. Even for very complex shapes of this material, because no supporting material need to be used.
PA12 is intended to keep as long as it can, also the plastics from our everyday lives and to implement particularly creative and difficult ideas.
PA12 is mostly used in the series production, industry and even in fashion design


PA12 is manufactured in the SLS process. This powder-based procedure has helped to bring out the 3D printing as where it is presently.
This method cost extremely, robust components can produce injection molded parts in no way inferior.
SLS means Selectives laser sintering and referred to the partial melting of powder materials by using a laser.
The exposure parameters can be manipulated to produce different properties.

The procedure:

Your model is broken down into layers of 0.12 mm on the computer and sent to the machine.
Now, a tank is filled with your desired equipment. A 0, 12mm-thick layer over the entire width is applied to a pressure bed.
Der The inner part of the machine is heated to about 100 C. A laser lit the powder and increases the temperature at this point for a fraction of a second above the melting point of the material.
At this point, the Material is short of liquid and connects.
All surfaces that belong to your part are produced in this layer. Now the build platform is lowered and a new layer is applied. This is repeated until your component is ready.
The unmelted powder surrounds your component and is at this time also as a support structure. This enables the printing of 'floating' components (about 2 rings during the pressure do not touch themselves, but connected).
Your component is now liberated from the powder and blow out any residue.
As an additional step, your component is at Fabb-it even sandblasted to make sure all powder residues are away and to improve the surface again.

SLS technology clarification, 3D printing, methods SLS 3D printing from close, technology clarification procedure

Additionnal information

  • PA12 has already been used as an implant and is safe for skin contact and even approved for medical equipment.
  • PA12 can be made waterproof
  • With PA12 film hinges are possible.
  • For very large parts can cause slight warping (distortion)
  • Untreated SLS parts are very quickly dirty by the touch and the surrounding area.

Shipping within
8 Working days

Design specifications:

Minimum wall thickness
0,8 mm

Smallest Detail
0,3 mm

Maximum dimension
700 x 380 x 560 mm

Priority service

to 200 x 100 x 100 mm

When ordering before 12 am We will ship within 3 Working days.

from 200 x 100 x 100 mm

When ordering before 12 am We will ship within 5 Working days. »

30 % extra charge


The surface of your part is determined by the technology and the chosen material. Therefore, we offer several post-processing steps. This affects the cost but also the quality of your model.

The natural surface of PA12 is perfect if you want your model just as functional or demonstration prototype. So you'll get the material and procedures based on the surface view, as we are doing nothing more than print your part, stream and ship it to you.


Available colors:


By coloring: Black, Grey, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow


polished SLS 3D printing part

Polishing for PA12 is a special process. Your component is placed in a drum with small stones, these compact the surface by vibration of the drum until your part is smooth.
The granular surface remains but is no longer feeling.

What is to be observed on polished models::

  • require a minimum dimension of 9x9x9 mm.
  • We can only polished the outside of your model.
  • Polishing will wear off 0.1 mm material from your part. Plan something extra wall thickness.
  • Edges slightly rounded off by this Polish.
  • Small details can disappear when the Polishing
  • The polishing service requires 2 extra Working days to the indicated delivery time.
  • Price: 3 € (Handling), 0,20 € / cm³
  • After polishing the White of the parts is slightly darker. But they are no longer susceptible to pollution


SLS color 3D printing

Coloring gives you the possibility to get your component in color at PA .
The coloring process is relatively simple. Your component is placed in a staining solution and heated. Thus, the color penetrates into your component.
It is in such a layer thickness of 0,2 - 0,3 mm colored. This means your component is not vulnerable to scratching,but show his Whiteen core when subjected to mechanical machining again .
The case color used is resistant to chemicals and heat.
The Coloring is offered in the standard colors of Black, Grey, Purple, Blue, Green, Orange, Red and Yellow. Special colours on demand.

  • Coloring makes your component waterproof
  • The color layer is compatible with the skin and will not stain.
  • Cost: 3 € Handling + 0,20 €/ cm³
  • Coloring adds 2 Working days to your delivery time

Coloring and Polishing

With coloring and polishing you can book 2 services at an extreme discount and raise the appearance of your component.
PA12 that was colored and polished has a very high surface quality and feels very smooth.
You will save in the Handling fee of 3 € for the polishing and 0,17 € / cm³.
This makes for a component of 50 cm³ a savings of more than 40% compared to the individually booked service.

  • Coloring makes your component waterproof
  • Models can be polished until a minimum size of 9 x 9 x 9 mm.
  • We can only polished the outside of your model.
  • Polishing will wear off 0.1 mm material from your part. Plan also something extra wall thickness.
  • Edges slightly rounded off by this Polish.
  • Small details can disappear when the Polishing
  • The color layer is compatible with the skin and will not stain.
  • Cost: 3 € Handling + 0,24 €/ cm³
  • Coloring adds 2 Working days to your delivery time


velvet SLS Teil

Colors: Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black, Hellblau, Orange-Yellow, Red

Velvet is the possibility to change not only the look and the color of your parts, but also how it feels.
Velvet covers your part with a "furry" layer. This compares the feel to the touch with the surface of the inner part of jewelry boxes.
The coating works by electrostatic charging of your part. The grips are attracted to the part. A previously-applied adhesive connects the handles with the part.
Using the electrostatics that is ensured all brisles at a right angle to the surface set.
Velvet is good not only for the look and feel. The Velvet layer is extremely abrasion. Thus, this coating can be used as a guide for e.g. Carriage. The surface even holds this lubricant, such as Oils as where they should stay

  • require a minimum dimension of 3x3x10 mm..
  • Maximal: 150 x 150 x 150 mm
  • Price: 15 € / Teil
  • In Velvet need 2 Working days specially included
  • It is only possible to coat the outside of a part
  • The coating provides approximately 1 mm longer in all dimensions
  • Available in various colors


Soft-touch finish

Soft-touch painted 3D printing in SLs

Soft-touch is a special type of painting. The surface feels very soft after painting and smoothing.
SLS parts with soft-touch are by far the closest to injection-molded parts with regard to interface, look and feel.
The parts are sanded by hand, primed and painted, leading to a perfect surface without visible construction stages.
You won't believe the product was printed here.

  • Parts must be at least 10 x 10 x 10 mm in size
  • Price: 40% of the part price.
  • On Painting 2 Working days must be set extra.


Painted models

Painted 3D printing


Of course, you can also paint 3D models from PA12.
Here, the quality and RAL color can be selected. The basic version of the painting is a simple "spray paint".
This means that your component is easily sanded and then painted. Construction stages and the similar are still easily recognizable.
The highest quality is the quality in premium (car paint). This "Polishing" must be booked with. This "Polishing" must be booked with.
Your part is sanded, polished, filled, wet sanded and painted.

  • Parts must be at least 10 x 10 x 10 mm in size
  • Price: 30% of the part price for base coating. For additional polishing service premium books.
  • On Painting 2 Working days must be set extra





Coating 3D Druck


PA12 parts can be also wonderfully coated.
To do this, your model is sanded and then coated with your desired equipment. Here also a coating with gold or silver is possible.

  • We can coat only parts of 10 x 10 x 10 mm to 600 x 600 x 600 mm. Larger parts on demand.
  • Handling fee 12 € / Order
  • Hand electroplating .
  • High Resolution from 1 µm
  • Possible coatings.

    Copper 99,99% Cu IMDS Nr.  736943
    Matt nickel, from Sulfamatelektrolyt 99,95% Ni IMDS Nr.  748706
    High-gloss nickel >99,50% Ni IMDS Nr.  749088
    Gold plating 24ct. 24 Karrat Au IMDS Nr.  756617
    Silver plating 99,99% Ag IMDS Nr.  757803
    Chrome plating from the trivalent electrolyte, RoHS Compliant IMDS Nr.  756617
    Black chrome plating electrically conductive, Black Chrome coating IMDS Nr.  10629626/1
    Electroless Nickel Plating hochphosphorig, 13% Phosphor as NiP IMDS Nr.  326271538
    Tin plating 99.98% Sn, RoHS-Konform
    Bismut our Bismudan electrolyte, 99,95% Bi

Unit Value
Tensile strength MPa 51
Elongation at break % 25
Hardness   D77
Thermal resistance C 86
Impact resistance kJ/m 36
Density g/cm 1,01
Water absorption % 1,93
Chemical resistance Very resistant
Weather conditionally resistant