Material-Details: Rusty-Resin Datasheet

Rusty Resin is a world exclusive material from Fabb-It.
Rusty Resin ideal wonderfully to displays items and jewelry manufacture. The rust on the surface can be set by us according to your wishes.
Your model is a result of the preparation of a 50% to 50% mixture of epoxy resin and fine metal dust.
By applying "Patina", your model will be rusted. In the "basic"finish, the model is again easy after it is rusty, sanded. The rust in the details of your model, only stays that way and you'll get this nice vintage look.

Please note:
This material is currently still in Beta!
It may be that , even if you follow any design guidelines, we can not produce your part also.
Be indulgent with us while we put this Material to try on our usual quality standards.

Advantages & disadvantages


  • Extrem High Resolution
  • Very smooth surface
  • High dimensional stability
  • Sealed
  • Magnetic
  • Metallic


  • Insulators made of same material (visible traces on the part)
  • Large components can not be printed massively

Material examples

Rusty Resin part 3D printing
Rusty Resin Figure 3D printing

Price calculation

  • 3,50 € / cm³ used material.
  • It's just the Material calculated that is actually consumed in the component.

Typical usage

Rusty resin is intended to make the old components and valuable work.
It is particularly appropriate for the production of figures or enclosures in a vintage or steampunk look.

Technology and procedures

The production of Rusty Resin is a complicated 5-step procedure.
Your component is printed using the SLA technology. After unzip support creates a silicone mold from this model.
In this, a mixture of epoxy resin and metal powder is filled. Once your model is cured, it is freed from the mold and brushed.
After this step, a so-called patina is applied. A liquid which can rust the metal content within a few hours.
Your model is now once again brushed so that lags the rust only in the details of the model and then sealed to protect it from further rusting.

Additionnal information

Shipping within
10 Working days

Design specifications:

Minimum wall thickness
0,8 mm

Smallest Detail
0.05 mm

Maximum dimension
170 x 170 x 210 mm

Priority service

We offer no priority service for rusty resin



The surface of your part is determined by the technology and the chosen material. Therefore, we offer several post-processing steps. This affects the cost but also the quality of a model.


Available colors:

Stainless look


Unit Value
Tensile strength MPa n/a
Elongation at break % n/a
Hardness HR n/a
Thermal resistance C n/a
Impact resistance kJ/m n/a
Density g/cm n/a
Water absorption % n/a
Chemical resistance n/a
Weather n/a