Material-Details: Platin Datasheet


Our Platinum models are made of 95% platinum and 5% Ruthenium.
All Platinum models are hand polished to a high gloss.
As a result the final product can weigh less up to 10% as expected.

Advantages & disadvantages

  • Stainless
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Detailed and extremely clean in printing
  • Very good permanent availability
  • High stability
  • Skin-friendly
  • Not all possible shapes

Material examples

Chains in gold 3D printing

Price calculation

Platinum is calculated in cm³.
An additional handling fee Advantages model is necessary because a lot of manual work is involved in the production.

  • 2600 € / cm³
  • 100 € handling fee

Typical usage

Platinum is often used to produce their own jewelery such as rings or Chains.


Platinum is made in the so-called "lost wax" process.
While your component is printed by SLA in a special Castingwax and then classic cast.

The procedure:

Your model is disassembled by a program into individual coatings of 0.05 mm.
Now a plate lowered into a bath of casting wax.
On this record, a UV laser now starts to "draw the contours and shapes of the parts". At all points in which the laser meets the Resinbad, the material hardens.
Now the build platform lowers to a layer thickness down and a slide provides new material on its surface.
This process is repeated layer by layer to your component until it is ready.
Your component on the insulators rests during the construction process.
These are manually removed after the printing process, and sanded.
Your part is now placed in a form and with a casting substance poured around. After this mass is cured, the printed part is melted off (hence the term 'Lost Wax').
Now the resulting cavity is poured with molten platinum. Your part is broken after curing from the mold and the sprue is removed. Then will be further post processing steps such as polishing and grinding.

SLA 3D printing technology clarification, methods

Additionnal information

  • Forms such as "Ball ball" are not producible.
  • All shapes of "floating" are not feasible (for example, the links of a chain)

Shipping within
13 Working days
(17 Working days If the model is larger than 56 mm)

Design specifications:

± 0,1 mm

Minimum wall thickness
0,5 mm

Smallest Detail
0,3 mm

Maximum dimension
89 x 89 x 100 mm

Priority service

No priority service is available for Platinum.



Platinum comes always polished.

Available colors: